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What is the history of the archive?
The majority of these photographs are from the archives of the former Fairfax Media of Australia. The archive contains over 2 million photographs with prints dating from the early 20th century to the early 2000s.

What makes these photographs so valuable?
Nearly every photograph offered is a vintage print (made when it was taken) and in many cases, the only remaining print in existence from the original negative. All photographs are silver gelatin prints, made by hand between 25 and 100 years ago in a traditional black and white darkroom.

What is the quality of these photographs?
The photographs in the archive were used for publication in newsrooms across Australia and were routinely handled during this process. Each print has its own particular characteristics and will have the patina of this handling; small creases, dings, hand notations, stamps, etc. These are not new photographs -- this history is what makes each print unique. Some prints are nearly perfect, others have a bit more usage. Our experts inspect and clean every print, including detailed hand spotting and other hand techniques to improve the overall quality of each photograph.

Where are these photographs located?
We have two warehouses in the U.S., and keep a number of photographs in Sydney.

How do I receive a photograph I purchase?
We ship typically via FedEx, which takes 3-7 days depending on your address.

What are the charges to ship?
At the moment, we are waiving all shipping charges, shipping is free within Australia.