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Birdsville Track

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Photographer: Jeff Carter
Medium: silver gelatin
Date Taken: 1964
Date Printed: 1964
Size: 23x30 cm (9x12 in)
Photographer's Hand Stamp: on back of photograph

The Birdsville Track is a notable outback road in Australia. The 517 kilometres (321 mi) track runs between Birdsville in south-western Queensland and Marree, a small town in the north-eastern part of South Australia.

Originally the track was of poor quality and suitable for high-clearance four wheel drive vehicles only, but it is now a graded dirt road and a popular tourist route. It is also used by cattle trucks carrying livestock. The track passes through one of the driest parts of Australia with an average rainfall of less than 100mm annually. The area is extremely barren, dry and isolated, and travellers should carry water and supplies in case of emergencies.

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Jeff Carter is known for his prolific photographs that document regular Australians and life in the outback.
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