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Harry's Cafe de Wheels

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Photographer: Unknown
Medium: silver gelatin
Date Taken: 1968
Date Printed: 1968
Size: 23x30 cm (9x12 in)

Top London model Sally Farmiloe samples Sydney's night life. A meat pie and peas served up by owner Harry "Tiger" Edwards.

Harry's Cafe de Wheels is an important part of the Australian way of life. Press photographers and journalists on late jobs, people coming home from night clubs and parties all know Harry's pie and peas, his rissole rolls and coffee.

A visit to the caravan became a 'must' for visiting celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Robert Mitchum and Marlene Dietrich. In 1974, Colonel Sanders stopped at Harry's and enjoyed the food so much that he ate three 'pies and peas' while leaning on his walking stick in front of the caravan.

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